2015 Youdao Baoshan Scholarship Family Day

On December 12th, 2015, after several rainy days, the sun finally emerged. You Dao was lucky to have great weather for its Baoshan Scholarship Family Day.
By 9:30am, all of the families and volunteers participating in the activities had already arrived at the Beiyaowan center. The small center became very lively with all the people. After a brief introduction of the You Dao Foundation and the theme of the day, the activity officially started.
The first activity was dressing up a snowman, with co-operation of the parents and the kids by using their creativity and imagination. All the snowmen look great. Finally, each group of children and their parents took photos with their snowmen creations.
Next, the group played three different games: small feet stepping on big feet, dribbling with a hockey stick, dribbling back to back. Every child who won the game got a nice little gift. All of the children and adults had a lot of fun.
After all these intense games, the children and adults needed a good rest. You Dao had prepared fruits, drinks, and cake for the families and volunteers to enjoy in the small classroom.
After taking a break, the most exciting part finally arrived! Santa Claus from Lend Lease appeared which drew the cheers from the children. Santa Claus presented the children with great gifts. All the children were so happy to see Santa Claus and they all took a photo with him.
Finally, all the families and volunteers joyfully took a group photo to remember this wonderful moment!

Baoshan M-Kids Center

The goal of the M-Kids Project is to provide a safe and friendly environment for school children to spend an hour or two after school participating in arts and crafts, singing, English conversation

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