The China Daily

“Zhou Shuheng, whose story will now be published into a book, tells of how he left his home at 16 and began life as a migrant worker in Fujian province.

City makes room for migrant pupils

“The Minhang District government has set aside enough space to relocate the remaining 300 migrant workers’ children from an illegal town school to a nearby school funded by the town&rsq

Population density in Shanghai

“Despite the global downturn, Shanghai’s economic progress continues to act as a population magnet, drawing an increasing number of foreigners and Chinese from other parts of the countr

Shanghai trial plan

“The Shanghai government released details of its three year trial plan to make it easier for people from outside the city to become permanent residents….” “With a populatio

China’s increasing urbanization

“China’s increasing urbanization means that almost as many people now live in the nation’s cities as those who live in the countryside.…The urban surge reflects economic gr

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