Fatigue: the most critical accident risk in oil and gas construction

An article on migrant workers by MARGARET CHAN
School of Civil Engineering, The University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia
See attachment.

Shanghai’s population tops 22m by Cai Wenjun

Shanghai had 22.21 million residents by the end of last year – 14.12 million with registered residency and 8.3 million migrants who lived in the ci

Construction in China

USYD Media Release 28 Jan 2010 - Construction in China

Plight of kids, wives left behind

IF women hold up half the sky, Tian Jinzhen apparently holds up more than her share.

Good News for the Migrant Kids

 “Children of migrant workers who attend schools in the city will get more opportunities to read at libraries and work out in sports facilities this year…Equipp

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