2015 Beiyaowan Summer Camp

Lend Lease repair the Beiyaowan Center in striking fashion

On 27th and 28th May 2015, Lend Lease Project Management & Construction (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. repaired the old buildings of the Beiyaowan Center for You Dao Foundation. They had prepared well for this venture.
At 9am, the workers and volunteers arrived at Beiyaowan. They put on yellow vests and helmets as soon as they arrived and set up the ladders and scaffolding. The roof of the buildings was waterproofed for rain.
At the same time, some other volunteers drew patterns on the walls and then added colours. Some others prepared cement to fill in the cracks in the flowerbeds.
After a whole day working, workers and volunteers were all sweating and had dust all over their bodies, but they were so happy to see the changes in Beiyaowan!
On the 28th May, the work focused on repairing the indoor electric wiring. The volunteers also used their creativity to draw various colorful patterns on the walls to beautify them!
Within two days of repair, the Beiyaowan Center looked stunning! All the old stains were covered with cute and lovely paintings. All the kids love this gift for their Children’s Day. Great thanks to the workers from Lend Lease Company and volunteers for their wonderful efforts and work during the two days.

Beiyaowan Weekend Activities and Birthday Party

On March 14, 2015, despite the light rainfall, many children were eagerly awaiting the start of activities. A lot of children got there early and stood by the gate.
When it was finally time to open the gate, the children couldn't wait to get inside and start the activities. The day’s activities are divided into 3 parts. The first part is the children's free time where they can pick to play their favorite sport like jump rope, or badminton, or even basketball. The second part is a "I am a little painter" activity. Some of the older children paint the walls different colors, while the younger children use their imagination to draw different pictures.
The last part is the birthday party for all of the birthdays in March. Three children celebrated their birthdays in March and celebrated their birthdays with everyone. The three children made their birthday wishes and then cut the cake to be shared with all of the children.

You Dao Children’s Center Christmas Party

Early in the morning, volunteers brought gifts, food, cakes, and holiday cheer to the You Dao Baoshan and Qingpu activity centers, to celebrate Christmas with the local migrant children.
The two centers were filled with holiday joy and fun. The teachers helped the children put ornaments on a Christmas tree and helped decorate the classroom in a festive spirit. The children at Beiyaoan painted the blackboard with a creative holiday scene.
At the Qingpu center, over 45 migrant children celebrated the day with 18 volunteers. The children sang, “We wish you a Merry Christmas” in Chinese and the volunteers returned the favor singing the same song in English. The teacher then talked about the history and importance of the holiday; quizzing the children on their knowledge of the holiday. Everyone then gathered together and designed and made Christmas cards for their families. The activities then moved outside where the children and volunteers teamed up for a variety of games, culminating in a tug of war contest. Finally, the children got to meet Santa Clause who passed out gifts and sweets. Many of the children brought the desserts home to share with their families.
At the Baoshan center, 26 volunteers helped lead activities for over 60 joyous children. The children were able to display their creativity and artistic talents in decorating the blackboard in a festive theme. The volunteers also played different games with the children celebrating Christmas and several children’s’ birthdays. The volunteers also explained the importance of Christmas and the holiday spirit. Finally, Santa Claus arrived with his bag of gifts and started to hand them out to the happy children.
The two events were filled with joy and laughter. The children really enjoyed sharing in the holiday joy with the warm and caring volunteers.

YCIS Girl Scout – ‘Drive for toys’

On 15th March 2014, a group of eight girl scouts from YCIS Pudong came to the Qingpu community center with two parents, Sue & Sandy who coordinated the ‘Drive for

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