Freshfields XiaoTongXing Field Trip, June 28

On the morning of June 28, escorted by a dozen volunteers from Freshields, over 40 children from XiaoTongXing Kindergarten arrived at E-Day Town in Xinzhuang.

The 2nd Family Day in Fengxian, June 17

30 scholarship families from three migrant kindergartens participated in the 2nd Family Day hosted by You Dao on June 17th.

Family Day in Fengxian, June 3

At 8:00am Sunday morning, over 20 scholarship families (80 parents and children in total) boarded the buses heading for Guhua Park.

Fengxian Christmas Party

Over 60 kids showed up with excitement on their faces to the party. With You Dao's teachers and volunteers' help, they made paper Christmas trees, reindeers and colorful balls.

Fengxian Family Centre NOW OPEN


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