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The eleventh Mr Willis Dinner

The eleventh Mr Willis Dinner was held last Sunday evening, 8th November, at the Mr Willis

Tenth Mr. Willis Charity Dinner is a Success

On March 8th, 2015, You Dao hosted the 10th Mr. Willis Charity Dinner with nearly 100 guests. Mr. Willis owner Craig Willis was there to help prepare and serve the meal along with his dedicated staff. The wonderful Shanghai Baroque Soloists band provided entertainment for the dinner.
You Dao Chairman, Warren Kinne hosted the dinner, while board member Compton Tothill made the opening remarks. Later on in the evening, You Dao Executive Director Debbie Hu spoke to guests about all of the activities and progress You Dao had made over the past year. Debbie also shared the guests the current major social problems facing migrant workers and their children.
This was the 10th Mr. Willis Charity Dinner, and like all previous charity dinners, the meals were donated to You Dao by Mr. Willis restaurant. All of the proceeds from the charity dinner go help migrant worker’s children. In 2014, You Dao launched several initiatives to help the children like Children’s Game Day, Children’s Activity Centers, Migrant Home Improvement Activities, donations in stationary and clothing, and an English Teaching Corner for Children, among other activates.
You Dao also received donations for scholarships for more than 9 children. You Dao provided information to dinner guests about children who need help. Some of these children come from single parent households, some were abandoned by their parents and are raised by their grandparents, and some have a sick family member at home that makes paying for education difficult. Every child has a different story, but each has the same goal: to receive a good education. You Dao will provide each of the donors with updated information about the child and to let the donor know their scholarship is making a difference in their sponsored child’s life. These scholarships go a long way to improving these children’s’ lives and helping them build a brighter future.
Once again, we would like to thank Craig Willis and his staff for their hard work and generosity. We would also like to thank all of our guests and scholarships donors for their support in of You Dao. We hope to see you at the next Mr. Willis Charity Dinner.

The Ninth Mr Willis Dinner

On September 8th, Mr. Willis restaurant and You Dao will host the 9th Mr. Willis Dinner.

During the dinner, Dr. Warren Kinne, a co-founder of You Dao, thanked the dinner guests for attending and their continued support. You Dao Foundation’s treasurer, Leonard Pratt, a 2014 Shanghai Magnolia Silver Award winner, also spoke about You Dao’s recent operation and activities.

The dinner also had a special musical performance from Australia singer Caitlin Reilly. Dr. Kinne also said a special thank you to Craig Willis, the founder of Mr. Willis restaurant. He said that without Craig’s great help and support You Dao would not have been able to achieve such success. Over the past few years, You Dao has provided around 255 scholarships to migrant children per year. Altogether over a 1,000 migrant children have benefited from these educational scholarships. Mr. Willis restaurant hosts two charity dinners a year for You Dao and donates all of the revenue to the charity. Craig also said a special thank you to his staff, who all generously volunteer their time for the event.

The 9th Mr. Willis Dinner was very successful. You Dao received funding for 10 new scholarships and many attendees expressed great interest in volunteering with the charity.

You Dao is very thankful for all of the support and hopes it can continue to grow and give back to migrant workers who are in need of assistance. You Dao hopes more and more migrant children can sense the love and support from the community and can learn to grow up and become confident, caring, and responsible members of this community.

The Eight Mr Willis Dinner

 On Sunday 4th March we had another great night at the restaurant with friends and supporters raising awareness and help for the migrant workers of Shanghai.

The Seventh Mr Willis Dinner

Last night we had the seventh Mr Willis Fund-Raising dinner that coincided by a day with the fourth anniversary of the restaurant. It was I consider a mile-stone event with Craig as everyone there got into the spirit of the event. Craig himself thought it is a “wonderful night” and “a great success”.
We had a full-house that was treated to great food and enjoyable entertainment from Caitlin Reilly, an Australian born multi media artist, with her back-up team. The participants also committed themselves to a further twenty scholarships for migrant children.
Migrants make up about 10 million of our population here of 24 million. Of this number there are over half a million migrant children at school. Obviously a number of these children come from families who are in very difficult circumstances for a variety of reasons such as ill-health of the parents. We are all trying to do our bit to help alleviate this situation.

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