Ikids provides volunteers English language teacher training

On the sunny morning of April 26, 2015, eight volunteers traveled to the IKids center in Putuo district for their first training session on how to teach English to migrant children. During the training, teacher Dong taught the volunteers how to teach the children English and open them up to the opportunities presented by learning a new language.
As a teacher who has spent many years teaching children, Miss Dong not only showed the volunteers how to teach classes with an interesting English Video, but also demonstrated how to stimulate the interest of kids toward learning English and how to be let them be more sensitive to English information. The volunteers were impressed by this inspirational educational philosophy and reactive teaching style.
When volunteers tried teaching the class they found it was not as easy as the video made it seem. An inspiring class is based on a teacher’s strong preparation and confidence in the subject. The volunteers are still learning but are passionate to be in class and hope they can give the children a new English language learning experience.

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