the Girl Scout Troop from SHSID Celebrate the Children’s Day With Migrant Kids

The children had waited a long time for "6.1" Children's Day and it was finally here. With the support and help from You Dao, the Girl Scout Troop from SHSID Grade 6 arrived at Ai Di Er migrant kindergarten for a day of fun filled activities. The Girl Scouts planned to celebrate the holiday with the migrant children. 10 Girl Scouts and 7 teachers and parents attended this volunteering service.
The Girl Scouts had done a lot of preparation for this activity day. Everyone brought something special. There were two focuses of this activity day:
The first focus was to introduce the migrant children to different musical arts.
The second focus was to introduce the western holiday of Easter to the kids.
Oriana played the Pirates of Caribbean music on the piano. Together she and Olivia taught the kids to sing the English song "Mary has a Little Lamb.”
Connie was a great story teller. She made several cute balloon animals to assist her when telling the stories of Easter and Egg Hunting. The kids were fully immersed in the stories. At the end of the activity, the kids all ran around to participate in a real Easter Egg Hunt. The volunteers brought eggs with candies inside to hide all over the place. Everyone had a great time looking for Eggs and was full of sweets.
Kay and Semmi played a duet between the violin and the cello. They taught the kids how to tell the differences in sound of the two instruments.. At last,.
Barbie played xylophone. She also brought a lot of percussion instruments hidden in boxes for the children to feel and then guess what instrument it was.
Oriana, Melody, and Olivia danced the famous River Dance from Ireland. They taught the kids a simple rhythm by foot and used the new dance moves to play an interactive game. The excellent performance and interactive games ignited enthusiasm among the kids. Everyone was very excited
The activity was a great success. All children had great fun. We greatly appreciate the Girl Scout Troop from SHSID for all of your kindness and support. We also want to thank the kindergarten teachers for their warm cooperation and help.  

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