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You Dao Migrant Worker Health Care Training May 2015

On May 31 2015, the second session of Wu Ruoshi Foot Massage Health Training was held. This training session was jointly organized by the You Dao Foundation and the Wu Ruoshi New Foot Health Caring Shanghai Workshop. The first training session was held in January 2015. 15 people from 14 migrant families attended the session .
With the concept “medical fees can be saved as long as one person is able to use foot massage in a family” . Wu Ruoshi Foot Massage Health Training hope can help people learning the foot massage skills well. In order to prevent disease, reduce the medical burden of family and society. Enhance the happiness of families.
This concept is also a big attractive for the migrant families. A lot of families has attended the first session and they came back to consolidate their skills. They treasured this 3-day-training opportunity. some of them put their work down , got up early , came from different corner of Shanghai. spent a long time traveling to get to the training center.
In order to let the students more focus on their learning. They organized 5 volunteer teachers for teaching. More than ten volunteers to support the training by looking after the migrant kids. Youdao’s staff also accompanied. The teachers served the students with their highest passion and carefully. The students learned very hard. They do hope can get the skill and use it as soon as possible.
Many of them felt their symptom such as cold, headache, tooth ache, and other chronic .became lighter after received the massage .
In order to let more migrant families benefit from the foot massage training. Wu Ruoshi Foot Massage Health Training is willing to come YOUDAO’s center to teach.

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