My first time at Baoshan M-Kids Center

Baoshan M-Kids Centre

          The first time I traveled to the Baoshan M-Kids Center, I knew it had amazing potential. Though the old church grounds are modest in size, it provides adequate space for the local children to learn and play.  The college volunteers provide the children with a number of fun activities ranging from computer class, drawing class, and even outside sports.  I am immensely impressed by the dedication and patience of all of the college volunteers.  Despite the children outnumbering the volunteers three to one, the volunteers are never deterred and patiently help the children learn and play. 
          However, I am even more impressed by the children themselves.  You would never know by playing and talking with them that they come from difficult backgrounds.  They are full of energy and life.  Whether it is playing a Chinese-version of cops and robbers or engaging in a massive tug-of-war, the children just want to have fun and make friends. They are incredibly creative and outgoing, fearless in suggesting a new game or expressing their opinions. I was also impressed by how much they taught me in the short amount of time I was there. I was particularly touched when a young boy attached himself to me and kept asking to be near me. It reminded me how we all need basic human affection.  Although keeping up with all of them is tiring, their energy is contagious. I thoroughly enjoyed all the time I spent playing with these children, even when they criticized my Chinese. 
          With a few small improvements, the Baoshan M-Kids Center can become an even more wonderful playground for these children.  I believe the addition of a small swing set, the refurbishment of the basketball hoop, and several other small additions could help make the Baoshan M-Kids Center even more enjoyable. 
                                                                                                                                                                          Stephen Schoenberger