WISS YD office launch

Today was an important milestone in the partnership between You Dao and WISS. At a parents and friends meeting the Director of WISS, Todd Flanagan, introduced two Board members of You Dao, David Boyle and Warren Kinne, who gave an introduction to the work of the charity.

It is the common intent of You Dao and WISS to build a partnership to enhance collaboration for the benefit of the migrant workers, in particular the children of migrant workers in need. WISS is supporting You Dao by providing You Dao with an office facility in the school premises. For the last couple of weeks volunteers from You Dao have been putting up pictures and information in this office about projects that they have been involved in around Shanghai. This room will be shared by You Dao and a body in the school that helps to make International Baccalaureate students compassionate global citizens. Later the Director of WISS and the You Dao representatives met with a local government official, Jay Lee, to talk about possibilities in the Qing Pu district.