The China Daily

“Zhou Shuheng, whose story will now be published into a book, tells of how he left his home at 16 and began life as a migrant worker in Fujian province. A Beijing-based publishing house decided to publish the book, titled Chinese-style Migrant Worker, because it told the story of a migrant worker, from a migrant worker’s perspective…More than 500,000 netizens have read his online blog, and have dubbed him the “spokesman for about 200 million Chinese migrant workers.” (Chen Jia, “Workers’ voice to publish his tale”, The China Daily, 8th Jan. 2010, pg 4)
“Most young Chinese migrant workers have a strong desire to live in cities instead of returning to the countyside farm, a major survey has found….At present, China has between 130 million to 150 million migrant workers as a result of the country’s large demand for labor to power its sizzling economic growth.” (Jin Zhu, “Migrant dream of rich city life”, The China Daily, 8th Jan. 2010, pg 4)