Family Day - Christmas Party


On 20 December, You Dao organized a fun Family Day Event at Qingcun Golden Years Kindergarten at Fengxian which is supported by Australian Chamber of Commerce. The theme of the event is Christmas 2009.

In the early morning of the day, a group of 18 volunteers departed from the city center of Shanghai. They arrived at the kindergarten shortly after 9am. After Puisana Chau, project leader of You Dao, gave a quick brief to the volunteers on what they were supposed to do, the volunteers were grouped with the teachers and went to prepare their games at their designated classroom. Parents and their excited children started arriving just before 10am. There were more than 10 activities for the families to choose from which included craft work of Cone Christmas Trees, Santa Hats, Beads Wreath Ornaments, Hand & Feet Reindeer, Snow Flakes Ornaments, Paper Ball Ornament and Christmas Card as well as activities such as Rice Balls making and Make A Wish.
It was such a fun Family Day as the parents and their kids worked as a team to make their crafts together. The adults enjoyed the activity just as much as the kids. There was a kids performance organized after the activity which attracted everybody's attention. A small gift bag was distributed to each child after the performance. All the parents and kids had a fun day.