13th You Dao Dinner @ Mr Willis

On November 13th, You Dao successfully held the 13th You Dao Dinner at the mr willis Restaurant.
Ms. Onie Chu, one of the guests, welcomed all of the guests and started the evening off with a brief introduction.
During the dinner, You Dao Chairman, Mr Compton Tothill, expressed his gratitude for all the supports contributed by the guests. In order to help the guests better understand the mission of You Dao, a short video about You Dao was played. The video showed pictures of You Dao’s work. The background song, “Where There is love, There is Hope” echoed with the video perfectly. It was very touching and many of the guests had tears in their eyes.
Five members of the Indonesian Catholic Youth Community chorus volunteered to perform and entertain the guests over the night. The group sang “You and me”, “Known to you” and “Rebana.” The crowd was very impressed by the moving songs.
Mr. Tothill gave a special thank you to Mr. Willis, the founder and host of mr willis Restaurant,expressing that Mr. Willis and his support, there would be no You Dao. They thanked Mr. Willis for donating all of the proceeds from the dinners every fall and spring events to support You Dao. A very special thank you to all of the waiters and support staff at mr. willis Restaurant for donating their time to prepare and serve the event.
At the end of the dinner, Mr. Tothill delivered home reports on four of the families and gave thank you letters and artwork from the migrant families to the guests for their support.
The dinner was a complete success and in total, forty scholarships for You Dao migrant worker families was raised. Many of the guests expressed great interest and enthusiasm in learning more about how to volunteer in the work of You Dao.
You Dao hopes to let more migrant children know there is a strong community that loves and supports them. May the children become more independent, responsible, and thankful through the love that they received.