Mid-Autumn Festival

It is known that the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated when the moon is believed to be the biggest and fullest; a celebration of family reunion, of love and peace. The full moon symbolizes prosperity and happiness and everyone waits in anticipation at gazing the bright full moon.
The weather in Shanghai didn’t warrant a visible sky, therefore most families stayed indoors without seeing the radiance of the full moon because of the typhoon entering into the vicinity of Shanghai. One may think that we from this side of China weren’t as lucky as the people living at the other parts of the country because we missed the brightness of the moon, but this isn’t fairly right because the radiance of the moon was seen in You Dao Center in Qingpu.
Around 30 children together with their parents and significant others gathered at the You Dao Center in Qingpu to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival. The activity was organized by the staff and volunteers of You Dao Foundation which was held on October 14, 2016 from 6:30 to 8:30 in the evening.
The children and their families enjoyed the activities prepared for them. Aside from the observance of the occasion and reverence of the culture and tradition, each of these activities was aimed to teach the children on how to work in teamwork and on how to be creative.
The children were divided in two teams; the red and the blue. The staff and volunteers were also divided to act as mentors and teachers for the children. Wang Lei, lead staff in charged of the activity welcomed everyone in her opening remarks and shared in brief the daily organized activities of the center; she encouraged the parents and children to avail of the daily activities which the center provides for free.
The red team was ushered to another room, the volunteers made sure that the children had properly washed their hands before entering the moon cake making room. All materials and ingredients have been prepared in each of the tables. The blue team remained in the hall for the lantern making activity. These two activities were done simultaneously and each activity was allotted 30 minutes. The parents joined their children in the activities and acted as participants, cheerers and photographers at the same time. The joy and excitement, the support and encouragement, the enthusiasm to learn new things and the children’s ability to allow other members of the team to learn the craft is palpable and visible.
When the time is up and after each of the children has tried to make their own moon cake and have done decorating their lanterns, the teams switched places so everyone will have an opportunity to experience and learn the art of making moon cakes and how to make lanterns.
When the first two activities were over, the red and blue teams were brought to the hall for some fruits, moon cakes, biscuits and drinks. Everyone enjoyed the different varieties of food prepared on the table and everyone had a look of satisfaction on their faces. While they were having some refreshments, Mr. Compton, Chairman of You Dao Foundation wished everyone a happy and prosperous occasion. He also thanked the parents for supporting their children in the center’s activities and has encouraged everyone to continue availing of the programs and activities which the center offers.
Feeling energized after the snacks, the children were all excited to proceed in answering the riddles which of course those who were able to answer correctly have received some gifts. The sound of the pouring rain was concealed with the voices of the children, everyone – young and old really had a great time.
After tackling with the riddles, a tone was set for everyone to sing the famous classic song. It was quite moving to see and hear the children sing the song by heart. The children left the center bringing their own lanterns and few moon cakes which they made during the activity. On their faces, the brightness of the moon radiates. Indeed, the radiance of the moon was visible on the faces of everyone.
Here’s a lyrics of the song:
Thinking of You

When will the moon be clear and bright.
With a cup of wine in my hand, I ask the blue sky
I don't know what season it would be in the heavens on this night
I'd like to ride the wind to fly home
Yet I fear the crystal and jade mansions are much too high and cold for me
Dancing with my moon-lit shadow
It does not seem like the human world
The moon rounds the red mansion
Stoops to silk-pad doors
Shines upon the sleepless
Bearing no grudge
Why does the moon tend to be full when people are apart?
People may have sorrow or joy, be near or far apart
The moon may be dim or bright, wax or wane
This has been going on since the beginning of time
May we all be blessed with longevity
Though far apart, we are still able to share the beauty of the moon together