Colorful English Learning Activities By Stepping Stones

From July 19, 2016 to August 23, volunteers from Stepping Stones came to You Dao Qing Pu Center to give kids there various interesting English learning courses, by which the kids found that learning English can also be enjoyable.
The volunteers were very kind and patient with the kids, correcting their pronunciation repeatedly, explaining in details carefully, and kept encouraging them with inspiring words. All the kids were impressed by it and listened to them attentively. Apart from English learning, the volunteers also played some interactive games with the kids during the class, which were particularly attractive to the kids, made them very happy and more willing to learn English.
Good times flew by quickly!Soon the summer holiday came to the end. Though the English courses are only for a short period of time, the kids not only made improvement on their knowledge on English but also are able to speak simple English to each other. After taking the English courses, the kids are more confident to speak English; furthermore they also have a sense of accomplishment for what they have achieved through it. Meanwhile the kids became to like the volunteers, their teachers and playmates, which made everyone reluctant to say goodbye in the end!
Thanks again for the compassion and devotion of volunteers from Stepping Stones, their companionship helped the kids have a wonderful summer holiday and left them such a beautiful memory for their childhood, which may be remembered for a life time.