You Dao Qingpu Activity Center , Final Summer Camp Event “Cake Baking”

On August 23, 2016 at 1p.m., an activity to conclude the summer camp was held at BAC Oversea Chinese Enterprise Association where sixteen children and four parents gladly joined the activity. It was a creative opportunity for fun and learning on how to prepare and bake flavored cake.
The children were separated into different colored groups. They all looked enthusiastic on their red, yellow, blue or green little chef attire. Teachers and volunteers were also assigned in each of the groups. Each group was assigned in a designated table where utensils and ingredients were already prepared. Helen, the teacher of Sucre then taught the children step by step on how to make a banana chocolate cake. Each child has their responsibility in the process of learning, from measuring the ingredients, to filling the molds, and wiping the table as there were volunteered teachers guiding them. The adults in the group were tasked to load the prepared raw ingredients into the oven while the younger children helped tidying their working table.
While waiting for the cakes to be ready, BAC.O.C.E.A. prepared fruits and refreshment for the children. After that, teacher Kandy introduced Q&A games and those who participated actively with correct answers would have the opportunity to choose their own prize. When teacher Kandy spotted a little boy sitting quietly, she asked if there was any one willing to help this youngest child to answer a question, everyone responded actively raising their hands. The activity brought the children so much joy!
After the game, the smell of the freshly baked cake was all over the place. However at this point, the cake has to be decorated with some cream and chocolate frosting. Everyone helped in decorating the cake with colored beads until it was ready to be placed in a box. With all the excitement and the desire to taste the work of their hands, it was interesting to note that not a single child has attempted to grab a bite of the cake; they all wanted to take the cake home to share the work of their hands with their mom and dad.
As a sign of appreciation to the teachers, the children brought their handmade soaps which they made at the summer camp. Everyone enjoyed the final activity and the three hours passed quickly.
We are grateful for all the support of everyone who made this year’s summer camp a great success. Special thanks go to the Chairman of BAC.O.C.E.A. , Dr. Samson Chan who provided us with a good space and refreshments. Our sincere thanks to the teachers and assistant teachers of Sucre Baking Workshop headed by teacher Helen, to Ms. Hong Kong in Shanghai, the volunteers who sponsored the children’s chef outfit, to Uncle Larry who helped us pick up the children, to McCormick Company and to Master Chen Shen and to everyone who made this year’s summer camp possible, enjoyable, educational and exciting. Our heartfelt gratitude to you all!

Indeed, the You Dao Summer Camp has ended on a high note.

Children’s experiences:
Today together with other children from Qing Pu Center, I learned how to make a cake. Although I felt a bit dizzy due to car sickness but my joy is immeasurable. All of a sudden, I no longer felt dizzy when I saw the place so huge and beautiful. During the games, particularly the English spelling game, I felt so sad and almost gave up however the encouragement given by my friends I made it through the games. I have to thank Cui Dong who helped me won what I wanted – a chocolate! I am encouraged to seriously study hard so I will be equipped with a lot of knowledge so I can be as good as the rest of them. I am particularly grateful for this opportunity to participate such an activity. Finally, I would like to thank all the teachers and volunteers who have been so patient in teaching us. I love you all and I will certainly love to do this again! Thank you!
~ Tom, 5-year-old
Today together with my group mates, I learned how to bake a cake. Before coming to the activity I felt a bit dizzy due to car sickness, however I felt really happy to be able to join the activity. We took the lift together with our teachers to the 8th floor. Upon arriving at the venue, everyone seemed to be very welcoming and friendly; the teachers led us to our seats and gave us refreshments. This is my first experience to prepare and bake a cake. I am so happy to have had experienced the process. In conclusion, I am very appreciative to all the teachers, parents and to all the organizers of this event and to the Uncle who drove us there.
~ Wang Shuang, 8-year-old
Today, the teachers of You Dao Center had organized an activity on how to make a cake. After the preparation we were led to play an English spelling game. My English is not that good but I managed to won the touching game. Candy was what I felt and I am happy to have guessed it right. I really love this event and I look forward to similar events in the near future. Thanks to all the teachers and volunteer teachers.
Xu Huiying 8-year-old
Yesterday, my friends and I, together with our teachers went to learn how to make a cake. After experiencing the baking process, I think I can make a cake by myself. All the teachers were so good, and the drivers who drove us to the venue. I am really very happy and I even won a chocolate candy during the game. I am very grateful to everyone. You all worked so hard!
~ Lily Li, 9-year-old

To make a cake is a joyful experience, it looks so simple but it wasn’t that easy I realized, and the taste wasn’t as good as the cake made by the chef! Why can the chef bake a cake so well, I wonder? I suppose because they have been doing this for a long time and they have mastered the art of baking. Baking a cake must not be taken lightly and you need to love baking. Thank you You Dao for providing us the opportunity to learn how to make cake, and to all the enthusiastic teachers who taught us, thank you.
~Paul Zheng, 10-year-old

Volunteer’s Experiences:
When the children gave us souvenirs, my heart was so touched. I felt heartwarming, sweet, and indeed wonderful.
~Amanda Ho
I had a great time interacting with the children, I had a lot of fun. I was grateful to get involved with the children in sharing baking workshops, and I learned that happiness can be very simple. It was an enriching day!
~ Helen Kwok
I had a wonderful experience too. It is great to spend time with those lovely kids. I enjoyed it. Thanks for inviting me.
~ Sucre’s Instructor