Dong Feng Kindergarten Family Day Activity

On June 5th, 2016, with the Dragon Boat Festival approaching, You Dao Foundation and "Shanghai McCormick Foods Co., Ltd" together held a "You Dao Foundation Supported Family Day" activity.
It was just 9:00 am, some colleagues from You Dao Foundation and volunteers from “Shanghai McCormick Foods Co., Ltd” arrived in Dong Feng Kindergarten and prepared for the activity.
The activities began with two volunteers from “Shanghai McCormick Foods Co., Ltd” explaining the origins and customs of the Dragon Boat Festival. After this, they taught everyone to make dragon boats manually. The parents, volunteers and children worked altogether, very soon, many colourful dragon boats were presented.
The most interesting part was the outdoor family games, “Dragon Boat Racing”; “Jumping of the circle”; “Catching Piglets” and “Tug of War“, one followed another, they were wonderful games! Every family participated vigorously, and suddenly, there were cheering and shouting everywhere, the atmosphere became excited but merry in the kindergarten. At the same time, there were the scents of Zongzi from the classrooms. The volunteers already prepared the fruits, drinks and Zongzi, and they awaited the gathering together to enjoy the taste of these delicacy.
Many thanks for McCormick Foods’ strong support, and we also appreciate Dong Feng Kindergarten for providing the venue and their kind assistance.