Qingpu Centre Celebrating International Children's Day Festival

In the morning of May 28th, 2016, the children in You Dao Qingpu Centre held a Children’s Day festival program with the theme “Raising Children’s Heart with Happiness”. The young participants dressed with smart costumes and carried a big smile on their faces, arrived in the center in advance to prepare for the show. The parents of the neighbourhood also brought their children to come and watch this show. The Centre was overflowed with happiness and everyone was celebrating the International Children’s Day with joy.
The show started by the "Bunny Dance”, followed by many other splendid programs such as singing, dancing, on-stage acting, riddle guessing and so on. The children displayed their special talents and all of them participated in this festival with full energy and enjoyed the performance on the stage. There were laughters and applauses and constant interactions between the performers and the audience, the audience was absolutely amazed by their performance. The youngest performer, Tian Reidong, who’s only five years old performed “Very cool” and “The king asked me to patrol the mountain” received the most applause from the audience. The program and the performance of the children truely enjoyed the joyful atmosphere.