Rotary Charity Golf Tournament 2016

On May 20th, 2015, the Shanghai Rotary Club and You Dao Foundation joined together to hold a charity golf tournament at Silport Golf Club.
Volunteers arrived early in the morning to setup for the tournament and the charity auction. Soon after, 75 eager golfers arrived at the golf course ready to start the competition.
Despite the heavy rain, the golfers were challenged with joy.
The players were in high spirits as they competed against one another. At the same time, the volunteers were working hard behind the scenes to keep the tournament running smoothly. Volunteers were also busy setting up the dinner venue and preparing the charity auction.
At 4pm, the players finished up and headed back to the clubhouse. The players are soaked with wetness and took some time to clean up and get ready for dinner. To start the dinner, Ms. Terri Lau representing the Shanghai Rotary Club and Compton Tothill representing You Dao Foundation welcomed guests and thanked them for their generous support. They also thanked the platinum event sponsors Dayuan (Goldian), gold sponsor Hang Seng Bank, silver sponsors Eurofins Product Testing Services, PFG Berlin Property, Anglo Chinese Enterprises Association (BACOCEA). After the speeches, Josephine Yue of You Dao presented the awards, trophies, and prizes for the competitors. The highlight prize of the night went to Dennis Liu, who using his supreme skill was able to score a bull’s eye game bonus.
After the presentations, it was time for the exciting lucky draw. There were 40 donated items up for grabs that kept the guests on the edge of their seats.
The event would not have been possible without all of the hard work and support of the volunteers. They put on a great event that all of the guests enjoyed.
We would also like to thank all of the guests for their continued support of You Dao Foundation. Thank you for walking with migrants.