The Clown's Trouble

In April 24th, 2016, the children production team of Theatre Yi came to Lantian Kindergarten and Qinqin Kindergarten in Fengxian District. They performed an amazing clowning show for around 500 kids in the kindergartens.
"The Clown's Trouble" is about a story of three clowns. All of them found a big stage which they performed there on their own and they enjoyed being on the stage. However when they found out that there were other two clowns on the stage, they felt the threat from the peers. In order to protect their individual spaces, they became upset and alert and they did not let the others to touch their possessions. Everyone was excluding and bullying one another, but at the same time they were being excluded and bullied. The stage lost its peace and joy. Occasional co-operation made them relax and they felt happy again. They each felt conflicted that they all would like to own the stage, but at the same time they needed the happiness and the sense of satisfaction working with one another. They kept on fighting but co-working together. In the end they understood that sharing makes everything interesting and beautiful!
This interesting plot combined with their exaggerated and funny performance made the kids laugh and upset. The clown actors taught them a philosophy of life through this unforgettable show! We believe that the happiness they brought to the kids would help and guide them in life!