Lend Lease Corporation Chung Yeung Retirement Home Activity

On October 21st, with the help of You Dao, Lend Lease Corporation sent 26 volunteers and 40 children to the Fengxian nursing home to celebrate Chung Yeung Festival.
At 1:30pm, the activities started as the volunteers and children were separated into two groups, with one group going off to design cards for the grandparents. Under the guidance of the volunteers, the children let their imaginations run wild, as they used scissors and other tools to design their artistic greeting cards. Meanwhile, another group of volunteers and children were busy keeping the nursing home residents company by talking with them as they combed their hair, cut their nails, and provided them with companionship.
At 2:20pm, the children could not wait any longer and presented the nursing home residents with their very own greeting cards. All of the grandparents were very touched and could feel the love of all of the children.
After they presented the cards, the children and volunteers performed several songs and dances for the nursing home residents. The children and volunteers performed a song called “Little Apple” to start off the show. The nursing home residents were all very impressed by the performances.
The volunteers then presented each nursing home resident with a small gift. Everyone then gathered for a group photo to remember the great event.
The little children brought great joy and vitality to the residents of the nursing home. They love to see little children like their grandchildren stop by and spend time with them. Thank you to Lend Lease for helping organizing this great event to celebrate Chung Yeung festival.