Beiyaowan Mid-Autumn Festival

On the morning of September 26th, 2015, the once a year Beiyaowan Mid-Autumn festival activities were about to begin. Today’s activity was focused on letting the children create their very own moon cakes. As soon as the children heard they were making moon cakes they got really excited. Several children got to Beiyaowan extra early to help volunteers prepare the space and to also draw Mid Autumn festival pictures on the blackboards in the classroom.
At exactly 10am, the event officially started. The children all sat quietly and patiently as they listened to the teachers explain the day’s exciting activities.
Each child had a little box that they could use to store their moon cakes and use to bring home to share the delicious treats with their family. The first thing the children did was to write their name on a piece of paper that went on the box so they knew which one was theirs.
After that, the teachers carefully showed the children how to make a moon cake. The children all attentively watched the teacher’s demonstration for fear of missing an important step in how to make a moon cake.
Once the teacher was done with her demonstration, it was time for the children to start making their own moon cakes! The children could not wait to get started. Through the process, not only did the children learn how to make moon cakes, but they also learned how to help each other. The older children did a great job helping the younger children learn how to make a great moon cake.
Unfortunately the activity had to come to an end. The children had done a great job making their moon cakes and showed off their boxes full of fresh and delicious treats.
Finally, the volunteers gave the children small gifts to go along with their moon cakes. Everyone gathered outside to take a group picture to commemorate the great event. Thanks to Effie, teacher Taozi and all the volunteers for making the event so special!!