You Dao Qingpu Center Summer Camp

 A two-week summer camp for migrant worker’s children held at the Youdao Qingpu Center came to a successful conclusion on July 17th.
The summer camp was jointly organised by Youdao and the Stepping Stones organisation and provided summer camp activities for approximately 40 migrant workers’ children. Stepping Stones sent 10 volunteers, most of whom are interns at Stepping Stones from the USA,  with other local volunteers joining as well. Youdao arranged for 3 workers as well as 5 volunteers to assist.
The daily activity schedule was from 9am to 12pm. All the children were divided into 3 classes in terms of their ages, and the activities include english classes, arts and crafts, as well as games.
During the English classes, the children felt fresh and challenged as they tried to constantly apply the new words they were learning. They all enjoyed the class and studied really hard. The children then used their creativity and let their imaginations fly while making arts and crafts, drawing, and dancing. The children and volunteers all laughed and cheered while they played games.
After the daily activities, all of the teachers returned to the office of Stepping Stones to review the students’ performance and determine how to adjust the course material for the next day accordingly.
At the end of the summer camp, the volunteers gave the children small gifts. The teachers gave the older students lessons to study after they left. In return, the children gave their teachers personalized thank you cards. Youdao had also prepared small gifts for the children. Finally, the teachers and the children took pictures together to remember this great event.
The teachers all have a deeper understanding, different thoughts and plans about their students after two weeks. Miss Amanda discovered one of the students had good English skills and a passion for learning and is interested in continuing to tutor the child in English. Miss Kaili is a Chinese volunteer who supported the entire event. She was very impressed by the activities and believed it really helped the children. She looks forward to supporting Youdao in the future.
The children and their parents were very satisfied with the result of this year’s summer camp and they look forward to next year’s event!
Youdao sincerely appreciates all the support and effort from the Stepping Stones Organisation and its great volunteers.