Fengxian Migrant Families Celebrate Children’s Day and Family Time

The majority of Chinese parents work too hard to spend enough time with their children. Migrant families are no different. You Dao has been organizing a Family Day activity once a year for these families to have a chance enjoy a great time with their kids, improve communication and interaction between the parents and their children, and improve family to family relations.
On June 6 2015, You Dao organized a Family Day for 13 migrant families living in Fengxian district at Bang Bang Tang migrant kindergarten. The event was made possible thanks to the kind support of Ingredion company and their staff volunteers, as well the support of the kindergarten’s director. 49 children and their parents or grandparents took part in this event.
At 9:30, the event started as Mr. Compton, the chairman of You Dao, gave a speech to briefly introduce You Dao, welcome the families and Ingredion volunteers, and finally he wish everyone a very successful activity.
The event had three main activities: the first one was to let the children draw a painting based on Children’s Day and Family theme. All the kids were smart and creative in their designs as their little fingers flew smoothly across their piece of paper with colorful crayons. Sometimes their parent or a volunteer gave them a little idea or helped give them some direction on the drawing. After awhile, the children presented their artwork one by one to the group.
A volunteer’s daughter Liu Liu also attended the activity. She worked together with a migrant friend to finish a drawing, as her mother inspired them with new ideas. “Come on, see my works!” Liu Liu said. Liu Liu was so excited she decided to draw another painting too.
Then everyone went outside to play game. The families and volunteers were split into four teams, and one by one they competed in three games: “jump ring”, “Face to face moving a ball” and “tug of war”. You Dao staff and volunteers showed the rules of each game, everyone learned quickly, and played hard with enthusiasm. The kids played with the volunteers just like they were old friends.
“Tug of War” is always the most popular game. Can you feel their happiness?
When the game was over, everyone was sweating a lot and they returned back to the classroom to rest and enjoy the drinks, snacks, and fruit You Dao prepared for them. As they relaxed they reviewed the games they had just played so feverishly. You Dao staff and volunteers then gave a nice gift to every child.
A wonderful and unforgettable morning passed, we took photos and said thank-you to one another. Goodbye friends, let us meet again next year.
Mr. Compton took a photo for each family. The photos will be developed and sent to each family soon.
Thank you to Ingredion for their kind support and thank you to Bangbangtang kindergarten for providing the venue. Thank you to all our friends’ participation!