Bovis Lend Lease Community Day in Qingcun Golden Year Kindergarten


Bovis Lend Lease Shanghai has conducted their yearly community day in Qingcun Golden Year Kindergarten in Fengxian, Shanghai on 24th September 2009..

They have done a great job in restoring a beautiful garden that had become a waste land full of weeds. The children from the kindergarten will now be able to enjoy playing in this area. . Our grateful appreciation goes to Steve Willett, Winnie Zhu and their wonderful companions and volunteers from Bovis Lend Lease in Shanghai. We thank them on behalf of the kindergarten for their great effort. 新闻 - 宝维士联盛在青村金色年华幼儿园的社区日 于2009年9月24日,上海宝维士联盛在奉贤,青村金色年华幼儿园开展了他们一年一度的社区日。 他们不仅非常出色地将布满杂草的幼儿园后院,恢复到了原本美丽的花园,而且还为孩子们制作了蔬菜园圃等设施,从此幼儿园里农民工的孩子们可以在那里尽情地玩耍。我们非常感谢史蒂夫威利特,温妮朱等人以及他们公司里出色的志愿者们。