Lend Lease repair the Beiyaowan Center in striking fashion

On 27th and 28th May 2015, Lend Lease Project Management & Construction (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. repaired the old buildings of the Beiyaowan Center for You Dao Foundation. They had prepared well for this venture.
At 9am, the workers and volunteers arrived at Beiyaowan. They put on yellow vests and helmets as soon as they arrived and set up the ladders and scaffolding. The roof of the buildings was waterproofed for rain.
At the same time, some other volunteers drew patterns on the walls and then added colours. Some others prepared cement to fill in the cracks in the flowerbeds.
After a whole day working, workers and volunteers were all sweating and had dust all over their bodies, but they were so happy to see the changes in Beiyaowan!
On the 28th May, the work focused on repairing the indoor electric wiring. The volunteers also used their creativity to draw various colorful patterns on the walls to beautify them!
Within two days of repair, the Beiyaowan Center looked stunning! All the old stains were covered with cute and lovely paintings. All the kids love this gift for their Children’s Day. Great thanks to the workers from Lend Lease Company and volunteers for their wonderful efforts and work during the two days.