Qingpu Activity Center Performance for the Children Activity

At 11:30am on March 15th 2015, a group of Swedish volunteers from a charity drama organization arrived Youdao’s Qingpu Children’s activity center for a performance. They checked the site, set up the stage, and put on their make up. The local security guard, Mr. Xie helped a lot in the events setup by picking up the volunteers, moving the material, and resolving a wiring issue.
The migrant children and some neighbors sat down with three university volunteers to enjoy the show.
There were not as many children at the performance due to cold weather, but this did not affect the performers at all, who still devoted themselves and performed with the highest level of enthusiasm. Although the performers only wore shirts, they still sweat a lot during the playing.
Their funny, lovely, and humorous gestures and facial expressions made the audience laugh loudly.
When the play came to the end, the audience cheered and applauded the performers. They also spent some time teaching the kids different dances. It was a great moment for everyone involved.
Even the show ended, the children were still curious about the stage and props. They couldn’t control the props but touched them with their little figures. They asked the performers to dance with them again and took pictures with them.
A special thanks to Maja and her team (Wang Jiannan, Liu Siyu, and Björn Dahlman) for their great performance for the children. They have their full time job, so they have to sacrifice lots of their spare time to design the drama, practice, and prepare materials. They then spend their weekends giving performances to migrant children. They told us that they always feel a great sense of pleasure and satisfaction when they see the kids’ happy and cheering faces.