English Corner in Qingpu Boke Kindergarten

On 18th January 2015, Bo Ke Migrant Kindergarten welcomed a group of foreign volunteers who introduced the first “English corner” for them. Volunteers from A.D.I.S punctually arrived at the kindergarten. The group included nine teenagers who carried out a memorable English corner for the children. Their coming also surprised the neighboring migrants who seldom see foreigners in rural areas, and especially people bringing English teaching to their children. They were so excited.
Usually migrant kindergartens do not have high quality English teachers, so they do not usually have English classes for the children. Bo Ke Kindergarten is one of them.
In the beginning of the activity, the You Dao teacher was still a bit worried about the language barriers between volunteers and children. Unexpectedly an Italian girl who can speak fluent mandarin hosted the activity and we were all touched by her courage and wisdom. All the teaching material is well prepared and the activity is very lively. Children learnt the English word for seven colors by way of painting, playing with adhesive colorful paper and singing English songs. They also strengthened the learning through outdoor activity. The teaching was combined with activity which is good fun and creative, and inspired a lot of interest for learning with the children.
At first, the kindergarten children were a bit over cautious and shy, but with motivation from the volunteering teachers, the atmosphere became more and more warm.
Our lovely foreigner teachers sacrificed their recreation and came to the kindergarten to conduct this funny English Corner, but also they brought delicious cakes and drinks for the children and encouraged them to share with their parents who were on site. The children tasted the delicious cake with happy smiles on their faces.
The one and half hour activity was quickly over. The children reluctantly said good-bye to the volunteers, but they knew they would again meet each other very soon since A.D.I.S will partner with Bo Ke Migrant Kindergarten in the future and conduct English corner there on a monthly basis.
We’re looking forward to more migrant children benefiting from this kind of activity and receive the same English education opportunity as city children.