Clement TSANG

Clement D TSANG was born in Sydney, Australia in 1975 and is a first-generation Australian, his parents both having immigrated to Australia in the 1960’s during the fabled age of the “White Australia Policy”. Clement has been involved with Fund-Raising and Charity work since he was a child, and has subsequently been involved in events of all types – from the arts, to political campaigns, to sporting events and so on. In Australia he has worked as marketing and production manager for a philharmonic orchestra, managed computer game tournaments such as the World Cyber Games, and promoted and toured a wide variety of DJs from all over the world. In Shanghai, Clement has been actively involved in fund raising efforts for the Rotary Club, the Australian Chamber of Commerce, the Shanghai Charity Foundation as well as the Shanghai Sunrise Charity. In 2006, Clement was appointed as Managing Director of the China Office of Ticketpro International. In conjunction with Live Nation’s JV in Shanghai with the Oriental Pearl Group, they plan to enter the Chinese market in Shanghai as part of their ongoing global expansion plans.