You Dao Board Member Wins Shanghai Award

The Shanghai City government announced Sept. 4 that You Dao treasurer and board member Leonard Pratt is one of this year’s recipients of the city’s Silver Magnolia Award.  The award is presented annually to foreign residents of Shanghai “in appreciation of your valuable support to Shanghai’s development and outstanding contributions to our friendly cooperation.”  The award was presented by Shanghai Foreign Affairs Director-General Li Mingjun to Pratt and 49 other recipients in an afternoon ceremony.
“Bud” Pratt, as we all know him, has worked on-and-off in Shanghai for 30 years, and moved here from Hong Kong six years ago to advise on a national medical education project.  He is now senior consultant to the news department at Shanghai’s English-language television station, ICS. 
Speaking in both Chinese and English on behalf of all the recipients, Bud thanked the city for the honor.  “We’ve all had the pleasure of making good friends here, finding inspiring and rewarding work here and making pleasant and productive lives here,” he said.  “It’s a pleasure to be in Shanghai during its tremendous historical development.  I know we all look forward to being with you for the further development to come.”

“Bud”s nomination for the award took note of his work at You Dao.  He joined the board of You Dao four years ago, and took over as treasurer last year.