Beiyaowan Drama

On July 6th at 2:00pm, the Beiyaowan Kid’s Activity Center was unusually quiet.  Everyone sat quietly and watched the children’s play “Child Actor Troubles.” This is a Swedish Classic Children’s play that uses exaggerated performing arts to demonstrate the mental activity of children and reflect the ongoing topic of parent-child communication. Every part of the show brought a heartfelt applause from the audience and kept the audience engaged for over an hour.  After the performance, the three actors and the director came out together for the curtain call.  Actress Maya and Director Big Bear led the interaction with the audience and asked for their feedback with many children and parents talking about their impressions of the show.  They praised the actors and said it was a great show. 
Finally, the Five Crew also setup face to face discussions with college students about Swedish theater history, culture, ideas, and the children’s performances.  We welcome and hope the Yi Theater can continue to develop community culture and demonstrate her unique charm. 
The event had 36 children, 6 parents, Fudan University Students, Shanghai University students, 7 volunteers, and Show Ya’s Company 4 friends participate.  The event was jointly organized with Yi Theatre Foundation.
Thank you to their volunteers and all of their hard work!