You Dao Team Building Activity

Since You Dao was created in 2005, in addition to a group of caring volunteers that help serve the You Dao Foundation, there is also a group of college students and local community volunteers who serve in quiet dedication.  In order to better cultivate these young volunteers passion, love, and skills and to improve You Dao’s operational effectiveness, You Dao held a two day team building activity for all volunteers and You Dao staff.  
On June 28th, You Dao had 8 volunteers from Fengxian, Qingpu, and Beiyaowan join this team building activity.  At dawn, the 8 volunteers and You Dao staff took a train for Shanghai to Jiaxing, Zhejiang where they would start these important activities. 
At 1pm, the group met at the Jiaxing Hotel conference room and held a passionate discussion and brainstorming session about how to solve important You Dao issues.  The volunteers and staff discussed their important daily challenges and provided insight on how to solve these issues.  Through this discussion, the group decided to design several smaller groups, including a translation team, logistics team, curriculum design team, and a new volunteer orientation group.  The group also selected the head of each group to divide responsibility.  The volunteers and staff then successfully concluded the conference. 
At night, the group enjoyed the culture and characteristics of the Moon River Street. The next day, the group drove to the Lake tourist area to enjoy the scenery.  The volunteers and staff quickly bonded and became very close friends.  The volunteers and staff headed back to Shanghai later that afternoon.  All of the volunteers and staff look forward to the next General Assembly of Volunteers meeting.