Salt Dough Activity

Italian volunteers Ms. Yue Luo and Ms. Fulan Li held a salt dough activity in the You Dao Qingpu district on 8th June. Six Chinese volunteers also participated. The thirty children who attended were divided into six groups with a volunteer responsible for each group.
The volunteer introduced themselves one by one. Later on, Ms. Yue Luo and Ms. Fulan Li taught the children to recognize the geographical location of Italy on the world map. They compared the shape of Italy to a boot and helped the children to see why.
The salt dough was made from flour, water and salt. The process was easy for the children to follow. The volunteers showed how it was done. They mixed all the materials together with a specific proportion and then kneaded the dough.
When the dough was ready, the children started to create various shapes with it. Some of them followed the volunteer’s instruction and made the shape of a flower. And some other children built up different interesting shapes like trees, the world under the Sea, the skater boy, animals etc.
During the whole process, the volunteers actively participated and the children were intensely interested. They were over the moon and exerted their infinite imagination to produce a variety of shapes. The activities were filled with laughter.
At the end, to show appreciation to Ms. Yue Luo, Ms. Fulan Li and all volunteers, the children did the joyful rabbit dance.
We hope all the children and volunteers will be happy all the days of their lives!
8th June