Youdao migrant families join in Lead Lease Family Activity Day

 Lend Lease led a Family Activity Day in Qingpu District at the Xunmeng Garden, allowing Migrant Workers’ children to enjoy some bonding time with their parents and to play some games. Two mothers with their four children joyfully completed the ten group activities. The games helped to bring parents and children closer together and promoted improved parent-child communication. 
After the exciting games, the group gathered for a barbeque buffet with a wide variety of delicious food, which brought the great event to a nice ending. Despite the hot and humid weather, everyone was very happy with the event and all hope to have the opportunity to join a similar parent-child event in the future.  
You Dao would like thank Lend Lease for its continued support of Migrant Workers and their families and in helping to support this great day for Migrant Workers and their children.