Brief News of the Donation Ceremony from Boston Scientific Company

The Donation Ceremony from Boston Scientific Company is held in Cangchang Primary School, Malu Town, Jiading District in the afternoon on June 4th 2014.
 Volunteers carried, installed and debugged computers in good teamwork, then a multimedia classroom was established. Then the ceremony were attended by some staffs in the Primary and Boston scientific Company, and 50 students of Class 4 Grade 5. President Yang introduced the situation of Cangchang Primary school and thanked volunteers and Boston Scientific Company. After that, the CFO in Boston Company, Ms. Jun Zhang made a speech to thank the school and You Dao Foundation Ltd. for providing an opportunity of the donation and to encouraged students to study harder, saying that the donation project matches the idea of scientific development of Boston Company and means a lot. The ceremony is simple but honored, and when the red cloth, covering the board of multimedia classroom, was grabbing off, everyone applaused excitedly.
The volunteer teacher Zhang taught a useful class-how to write a thanks letter by computer. Grade-5 Students, who had a little basic computer knowledge, finished their letters by steps without any trouble, and the letters were really moving.
Boston Scientific Company donated 49 second-hand laptops, 49 new-brand mouses and over 10 multifunctional power outlets.