Brief News of Watching a Hockey Game

 On May 31st 2014, with warm invitation from Stephan(American Volunteer to Beiyao Wan Center), 24 kids, accompanied by 5 parents and 11 volunteers from Beiyaowan Center, went to Sanlin Sports Center in Pudong New District to watch an international hockey competition, Stephan will be one of players. Volunteer Luo Yang introduced everyone the rules and details of the hockey on bus since it was the first time for all to watch hockey competition. Kids were so excited once they saw Stephen was playing so well for his team on field. He was very brave and argute, co-work with his teammates very hard to win the competition.
Stephen rushed to meet kids without changing uniform once the competition ended and took the chance to say goodbye to every kid, he would fly back to his home country USA next day.  Kids wore the crystal model in turn which was earned by Stephen that night, said goodbye to him, hugged him with tears in eyes. They have very deep emotion after Stephen serving this center for 3 years. They wouldn’t like Stephen’s leave, but deliver their wishes to him a splendid life in future.