Wish Upon A Child by Four Seasons Hotel

On a cold sunny afternoon of 29th December, eleven staff and three of their children from Four Seasons Hotel came to Beiyaowan to deliver the Christmas presents to fifty three migrant children who had previously made made their wishes. You Dao presented a certificate  of appreciation to the staff of Four Seasons for their efforts to make the wishes of the children come true. The migrant children read out a thanksgiving poem which touched everyone’s heart.  A total of nineteen university volunteers also came and witnessed the joy and love that permeated the room. It was heart-warming to see that the children did not forget to say “thank you” when they were receiving their wishes with many surprises as well. Smiles on their little faces showed their deep happiness. In return, thank you notes written by the children were handed to whom the children felt like giving them to.  No one left empty handed.  It was indeed a warm and touching moment despite the cold weather.