Walls Painting by SanDisk at Qingpu Center

 On 23rd November 2013, 20 volunteers from SanDisk came to our Qingpu center to help refurbish the walls of our classrooms. They started at 9:00a.m. and systematically divided themselves into small groups to take up the responsibility of upstairs and downstairs.  They all efficiently scraped, painted, cleaned and got their jobs done. Some brought along robes and gloves for the work and looked extremely professional. 
Some of the volunteers came with the intention of playing with the children in the courtyard. Team building games were played and guessing of Chinese idioms was introduced. The kids found that challenging and they enjoyed the time spent with the volunteers. 
After lunch, the volunteers started to clean the floors, wipe the handles of the stairs and tidy up the whole area. What a good team from SanDisk! You Dao is again grateful for their sponsorship and support to provide a better environment for the migrant children.