Audio-Visual System for Kunshan Chetang Primary School

Kunshan Chetang School (Oct 2007)
School started in 1999 with 30 students on premises rented from local government
Principal : LI Feng (doctor from Anhui Shou County)
Classes from kindergarten to Form 3
No of students in 2007: 1,900
No of faculty:60 (average wage: RMB1,300)
No of support staff: 20 (including drivers and canteen staff)
Student mobility rate: 20%
One of nine migrant schools in Kunshan area
Total migrant population: 90,000
Average income of students’ parents: RMB2,500
Average rental for 6-7 sqm room: RMB 200
Fees: RMB700 tuition fee per semester + RMB50 insurance fees per year
New premises built in 2005 on land provided by Chetang village
Aspire to be qualified as a normal school within 3 years - 3 Year Development Plan
A donation to the School from You Dao
Audrey Leung, on behalf of You Dao, gave RMB 12,800 to Principal Li of Kunshan Chetang School in August 2007 for audio-visual equipment. Principal Li took her to the main meeting room where the AV system was installed. Principal Li and staff were very grateful. They welcome the idea that You Dao hold some seminars on an ad-hoc basis for students, faculty or parents - that is, whenever we are ready. It is our hope that Johnson & Johnson will shortly cooperate with us to give seminars on hygiene to the children.
Opportunities for co-operation with You Dao
You Dao is the first interest group to approach the school with a view of providing some support for the school’s development
Visits by donors and friends of You Dao
Ad hoc functions for students: exchange program, party, competition, themed talks
Use of facilities for migrant functions, such as talks on personal hygiene and sanitation
Exchange of experience with other migrant school principals
Assistance in recruitment of migrant teachers/helpers through established internet site