Exchange day between schools

Yong An

Student Testimonies
On April 28th 2006 the Yew Chung students went to Feng Shan to visit a school for migrant children.
When we arrived there the students were dressed beautifully and were holding the Chinese flags, with delightful smiles on their faces The school had four hundred students from different provinces such as Shang Dong, An Hui and Si Chuan. When we got off the bus they presented us with bottles of water due to the hot weather. We started the day off by presenting one of year sevens favorite mimes, King Arthur. The older students then presented us with a song with a dance in it. A student then read a speech about how delighted they were to see us and that they wish to make a long-term relationship between our schools.
Then we played a basketball game on a concrete surface that had basketball hoops made out of wood. We mixed the teams between our schools. After the game we went into the classrooms and in a group, we talked about our lives and even exchanged our phone numbers. The time flew by as we were talking and we had to leave. So we said good-bye and headed back to school. I felt that it was great to make a relationship between our schools.
It was exciting to make new friends, and experience what it was like living as a migrant from a different province. I think we could help them by raising money to buy a computer to keep in touch and to find some transportation so next time they could come and visit us.
By Chris Jenkins