Qingcun Kindergarten Working Bee


It is You Dao's vision to provide an enriched environment where small groups of children can learn through active participation. The first step to the realization of this vision is to build a library and fund the purchase of additional teaching materials for each class. We invited our partner Austcham to join in a Working Bee to do painting and minor repairs to a classroom as well as some gardening.
Volunteers took a good deal of time to prepare the walls for painting. There was mould and remains of sticky tape on walls that was really hard to remove and clean.
One volunteer spent the whole morning just to make sure the sticky tape marks were all properly removed from the wall.
Another couple worked until the last minute to make sure they had maximum use of the time available as the bus driver got lost on the way out and took a long time to get to the destination.
The gardening volunteers trimmed off weeds from the pathway and recovered the lost stone parts to the central sand area.
Everyone tried to do their best to get the job done and the Kindergarten was very grateful!