The 2nd Family Day in Fengxian, June 17

30 scholarship families from three migrant kindergartens participated in the 2nd Family Day hosted by You Dao on June 17th. The preschoolers sponsored by You Dao enjoyed a fun and memorable day with their mums, dads, sisters and brothers.
 Below is what they think of the event:
 This is my first time to a family event, and I did not know what to do. But I had a wonderful time with my kids. Big thanks to You Dao! ----Lu Tiantian’s family
 I have never had such a yummy meal! It was so delicious! ----Guo Haitao, Liu Zhiyu
 We enjoyed ourselves very much. The event is arranged well. We did not have time to take the kids to the park. Thank you You Dao for providing a great opportunity for us. ----Yao Xin’s Family
 We did activities like this before, but it was our first time in a park. So much fun! What a pity it started raining at noon. We did not have time to tour the park. ----Wang Min’s Family