Family Day in Fengxian, June 3

At 8:00am Sunday morning, over 20 scholarship families (80 parents and children in total) boarded the buses heading for Guhua Park. It was their first visit to the park, and everyone was excited.
At the open square, each family took turns to participate in the family games, which were ‘riding sedan’ and ‘two persons running with 3 feet’. The parents, who rarely had chance to play with their kids, had so much fun!
During snack time, the children, guided by the volunteers, put the wrappers into trash cans. They learnt to protect the environment with their own deeds.
Next came the painting session. Every child was given a drawing board, paper and crayons. They scattered around to start painting. All the children were completely concentrated, and an hour passed quickly. Thanks to the help of the parents and volunteers, the top three of junior group and senior group were selected respectively. Each and every child received awards and presents for their artworks. What a fruitful day!
Around 11:30am, all the families walked to a nice restaurant and enjoyed a delicious meal. The elder brothers and sisters helped to look after for their younger brothers and sisters during the whole time. Afterwards, each family had their family photo taken in the park and made a short tour by themselves.
At 2:00pm, the kids headed home with their parents, singing and laughing.