Johnson & Johnson Field Trip

 On the afternoon of April 17th, thanks to the generous support of J&J, 118 preschoolers and 36 parents boarded the buses to Changfeng Ocean Park. They were all very excited and looked forward to the trip. At first, J&J volunteers took the kids on foot to the white whale show. The kids loved the little whale souvenirs that blink on and off. During the whole whale performance, cheers and clapping could be heard from the crowd.
Afterwards, led by J&J volunteers, the children and parents arrived at the aquarium. They toured the “jungle adventure”, “coral reefs”, “ecological tank”, “shark passage” and penguin house. It was their first time to see so many creatures of the ocean with different colors and shapes up close. All the children had their eyes wide open and could not help smiling. Some kids even reached out their hands, trying to touch the animals. Every one of them asked a lot of questions.
This trip is such an eye-opening adventure for all the kids, and truly a memorable experience.