Fourth Mr Willis Fund-Raising Dinner

The pictures speak for themselves. We had yet another wonderful event at the Mr Willis Restaurant to raise funds for migrants.There was delicious food and wine, fun and laughter. But more importantly the diners were very generous in their practical help for disadvantaged migrant workers.

Many thanks to the Mr Willis Restaurant for your on-going support to You Dao Foundation which works on behalf of migrant families.

Craig, John, Jackie, Coco and all the staff are marvelous.

What is more I also thank the people behind the scenes who supply for free the wonderful wines and foods. They are so generous.

The effort is indeed all encompassing including too our patrons, who although they have a wonderful night,
also contribute by their patronage to the work that we do.

I wish that I had the chance to adequately thank everyone personally but the day is not long enough!

We just all need to keep in mind those we work for – the disadvantaged migrant population. Hopefully their situation is temporary and one day they too can help others!

Warren Kinne
We had a lovely evening, really quite different to anything we expected. We were very encouraged by the whole thing. Peter
Last nights event was great! Hope you were pleased with the result. Maia
The dinner was perfect as always! Cristina