Chefs from the Peninsula bring skills to the Centre

Lisa, Richard and six other chefs from the Peninsula arrived early at the Center. They brought not only cupcakes for children to decorate but also popcorn and candy floss machines to have fun. All the children got really excited at the sight of the equipment being set up.
 After washing hands properly with the help of the teachers, the children can't wait to start. By creatively using the whipped cream, candies of different colors and shapes, each child made beautiful cupcakes he or she felt proud of. When asked why they did not eat the cakes, they said they wanted to save them for mum and dad at home. How sweet! So the considerate "chef uncles and aunts" baked hot pink sponge cakes for them. Every child loved it and ate all.
After that, the machines were turned on to serve popcorns and candy floss. Holding nicely-packed cupcakes in hand, all the children lined up, eagerly waiting for their turn. The whole center turned into a mini food festival filled with happy laughters. Bright smile appeared on everyone's face.
Upon leaving, the chefs received handmade holiday cards from the children as a thank you. The chefs were touched and wish they could come again.