Rhema Ignite in Beiyaowan

On November 26, You Dao partnered with Rhema Ignite to host an activity day at Beiyaowan Activity Center to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. The beautiful fall day was full of the Thanksgiving spirit, as the young volunteers from Rhema Ignite held painting class and played a rousing game of basketball with the children.

Rhema Ignite is comprised of young people working and studying in Shanghai who belong to the Shanghai Community Fellowship. The young volunteers brought paint brushes and paper for the children to learn to paint. Volunteers taught the children simple painting techniques and gave the children the chance to show off their creativity. Many children proudly went home to show their parents their new artwork.
In addition to painting class, other volunteers held outdoor activities for the children to enjoy the surprisingly warm November weather. Many children enjoyed a vigorous game of basketball and some children were even seen throwing around an American football, brought by the volunteers to teach the children the famous American Thanksgiving pastime.

Of course, Thanksgiving is not complete without a feast, so at the end of the day the volunteers distributed candy and treats to the children. As is common custom on Thanksgiving, many children came back looking for leftovers!

It was a meaningful day of sharing and learning for the volunteers as well.

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