Russell Reynolds Associates at Beiyaowan

Beiyaowan Nursery

On October 22nd, You Dao partnered with Russell Reynolds Associates to host an activity day at Beiyaowan Activity Center. On a beautiful fall day, the activities attracted around 60 children and other members from the community.
Russell Reynolds Associates volunteers donated arts and crafts supplies and sports equipment, including a new basketball hoop. The volunteers and young boys made good use of the new basketball hoop, playing several long and competitive games of six on six. The new basketball hoop will serve as a source of enjoyment for the children for years to come.
Other Russell Reynolds Associates volunteers taught the children arts and crafts. At the end of the day, many young children were seen proudly parading around their carefully crafted artwork. Other volunteers setup badminton and ping pong contests that all of the children heartily enjoyed.
At the end of the day, the volunteers distributed small prize packs and candy in celebration of Halloween. The children left for home with candy in their hands and bright smiles on their faces.
It was a meaningful day of sharing and learning for the volunteers as well. Many volunteers made strong connections with the children and plan to return on a regular basis to volunteer.
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