Zi An Exhibit Opening ~ 11 Oct 2011

This is the opening ceremony of this exhibition of Zi An’s fine art that is happening here in this well-known Jiao Tong University.

I first saw Zi An’s art at the Si Chuan Fine Arts Academy and I was very impressed with it and particularly with the process of interaction with disadvantaged children by which he came up with these wonderful art works. It is good to see a young man starting out on his career with a concern for others especially with those who struggle.

You Dao Foundation is happy to be associated with this exhibition and is thankful for the contribution that Zi An will make to the Foundation by giving a generous percentage of the sale of the works made through You Dao for migrant workers and their families.

You Dao Foundation has as its vision: A way to walk and grow with migrant workers and their families. You Dao is not something in the abstract but it involves people and their lives. Through interaction with migrants we become aware of their situation.

Besides awareness, we realize we need to work in partnership with others. This Exhibition is an example of a partnership.

There is too the need to be involved practically with people in their context. In ways big and small we can all make a difference.

The name of the Organization comes from some words of the sage Confucius who said: What a gentleman worries about is not about making pots of money or even about personal poverty but that there be right principles throughout the land: That we all live by values that are wholesome.

May the exhibition give pleasure to a lot of people; lead us to appreciate Zi An the artist; and raise some money for You Dao Foundation.